I have 3 cats: Henry, Harry and Amy.  They are brothers and sister, although you wouldn't know it to look at Amy.  Henry and Harry however are identical twins, so even I'm not sure which is which in the following photos (I can tell them apart in the flesh though!)

All pictures were taken in 1997 when they were still kittens.  I'll try to get some up-to-date pictures when I can.

Here, remarkably, Henry and Harry are in the same room without fighting   >



Harry (I think)


Henry (or Harry) summons up some ectoplasm ...

... and promptly kills it


The kids have their first encounter with an electric fan.

Tip: an electric fan with a piece of string attached means that you don't have to wave the string around for hours on end just to keep the cats happy.

For further amusement try introducing your cats to a yo-yo.  Danny did this once to mine - I'm not sure they have ever forgiven him.


And finally, this seems to be what they spend the majority of their time doing.  Sounds familiar?