Classic Trek 80

A free app for iPhone and iPad, that recreates the classic TRS-80 space exploration game.

Hi, I'm Richard.

At Christmas in 1980 my family got a Video Genie (System 80) computer, which was a clone of the Radio Shack/Tandy TRS-80.

The Video Genie came with a demo tape, and on it was a game called "Star War". It was a textual space adventure, based on the various "Trek" games that had gone before it on mainframes and mini computers. It was slightly simplified to work on a more basic computer.

It was my first ever home computer game, and I spent hours playing it. I have great nostalgia for it, so I recently found a TRS-80 emulator and loaded a copy of the demo tape.

I thought it deserved a wider audience, and so I have tried to re-create it as best I can for this app.

I've created a TRS-80 style graphics engine from scratch to display everything authentically, and wrote the game again from scratch. I did consult the original BASIC code to make sure I used the same logic (including all the original quirks!) but this is all new code, not an emulation.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Good luck captain!

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