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This is the text on my favourite T-shirt at the moment. I picked it up in the store since it has a cool poem on it.

There's a couple of words I can't make out, though, as the text is quite faded. I'd appreciate any help in decoding them...

The little box inside
shining leading lights
some where at the start
money success fame the world
audience of millions
come back to mine for a drink
it's all about me
strange things
the best is yet to come
begin a new life
a boxing match
inform us
frantic pace
the tone of the adventure
a boy in a park kicked a ball and scored
so you think you wannna make a go of it do you then
never say die
there have always been sporting heros and they always will be
we are the champions
doing our own thing singing our own tune playing our own game.
Here we go the start of life in the fast lane hang on to your
baby you can drive my car
you say you want a revolution well here is where it's gonna begin
turn on tune in drop out
a great day for freedom
days that are gone but not forgotten
the [lust/lost/last/fast]? true? ..... your hollywood dreams has just come true
fooling around
girls with cars
such a player
blinded by the light
meet britain's most dangerous man
take more people with you

My interpretation is that what's important is what's inside you, not how you appear from the outside. The back of the T-shirt is just stripes, but they're printed on the inside of the shirt. People keep telling me I'm wearing it inside-out until I show them the front and explain its meaning.