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BOB 3 convention 2002

Never a frown when Rick's around

Ball workshop

The foyer


Christmas tree with tombola prizes beneath

Beard trading

Helen and Danny

Ball spinning workshop

The main hall

Some jugglers weren't so lucky

Mark and Kate and bump

Selling tombola tickets like hot cakes

Radio controlled car grand prix

Jigsaw workshop

Only weirdos allowed in

Hat workshop

Magnetic sculptures

More racing

Jenny is bemused

Nick is painted to look like a fairy

Rachel does the painting

Doughnut eating competition

The prize is the rest of the doughnuts

Mark Olver comperes the show

LP does hats

Justin does slackrope

Mark gets very scared by Joakim

Alf does hats

Smiley Guy does poi

Post convention party

That old 'stick your fingers in your ears whilst holding your shoe-laces tied around an oven shelf whilst a friend hits it with a shoe' game


Charlie, being different, tries sticking the shoe in his ear whilst someone hits it with an oven shelf

It was all too much for some people

Sunday pub lunch

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Pictures © Richard Loxley
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