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L'espion experiments

Down to Devon to sort out Elizabeth's new IMac

Birmingham Circus convention 2002

Various animations

Dutch convention 2002

Christelle's leaving party

My cousin Paul's ordination

Sarah's birthday unicycle hockey tournament

Picnic at Chew Valley Lake

Danny and Catherine bring Jenny to the juggling club

Ashton Court festival 2002

Rachel's birthday lunch

Richard and Julie's cat 'Lucifer'

Crawley convention 2002

The cats

Mostyn convention 2002

Monday night juggling

Rob's last day in Bristol

Visiting Alan and Elizabeth

Rachel and a dragon

gSmart Mini 2 experiments

Alan's 70th birthday

Bristol convention 2002

Brendan's housewarming

Rachel's dinner party

Visiting Dave and Ella

Circusoc juggling session

My nephew Thomas born 22 Oct 2002

More Circusoc juggling

Yet more Circusoc juggling

Monday night juggling again

Dinner at Rachel's

Sunset from my office window

BOB 3 convention 2002

Kidderminster uni-meet Dec 2002

Ex-radan Christmas meal 2002

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