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Bristol convention 2002

2nd gazebo erected

Torres and 6th Sense


Beanbag pleasure


Tough robots

Even tougher new game

Even tougher new game

Katie looking cool

Luke creating his fiendish new card game

Luke's ear scars

Mark and Ali being normal

Roger and his broken van

Tarim obsesses

Dragon's Delta

Killer meeting

Killer photos

At the Derren Brown gig

Louise and her poi

Louise and her poi

Louise and her poi

The breakfast queue

Ali looking moody

Ali does hat spins

Ali does hat spins

The games zone

Juggling (it does happen occasionally)

Danny shows some flesh

Luke's dematerialising workshop

LP looks hard

More games

The encampment

Geraldine and her caravan

My candle lantern burning all night

Danny relaxes


Big fire

Phoebe has noodle open sandwich

Nice clouds

Bottle cap bowls

Outside the Moving Finger

Breakfast (finally)

Ella's bruises

Me and Jenny

Danny and Jenny

LP: "but when I sit down it makes me look fat"

Panorama 1
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Pictures © Richard Loxley
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