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Dutch convention 2002

It'll never get off the ground

Amsterdam Centraal station

The garden in the Cannabis College

Ewan and LP try to ignore each other

LP takes a picture of me taking a picture of ...

Ewan and Anwen

Tarim and Mandy

The UK posse

Ah, I guess the camera is working

4 way passing

Owen, Malte, more clubs

Owen, Malte, lots of clubs

The dinner queue

Paul tries to take a picture in the Japanese restaurant

Staying the night in Crystal-ball Paul's squat

Carry-mat forward-roll races

LP and I hack an internet terminal in the airport to update lpbk.net

LP accompanies me back to Bristol

Shock announcement - Tarim spends money at Beard stall - 20 note is framed

"Sets", the game of the convention

Pictures © Richard Loxley
Produced using JAlbum 2.3