Autophix JSC 2100 super capacitor jump starter review

After being stranded with a flat car battery last week, I decided to buy this Autophix JSC 2100 super capacitor jump starter (as well as buying a new battery!)

It’s the cheapest on the market by a long way, and only available on eBay or AliExpress, so it’s wise to be sceptical.  But the Chinese manufacturer specialises in automotive electrical and diagnostic equipment, so it may be legit.

Here’s my 10 minute YouTube review of it:


It’s seems to be ok.  It charged up from my 10V car battery in 4 minutes, and then started the engine, which the battery on its own couldn’t do.  But if I completely disconnected the battery it couldn’t start the engine on its own.

So probably fine to get you home if your battery is unexpectedly discharged, but maybe not enough if your battery is completely knackered.  But you’d probably know that already long before it got that far.