Art class – week 8

Last week of the term :-(

So, another week of mistakes, and learning from them!

This week was acrylics again, this time doing a full picture.  I messed up the assignment slightly, as I think Will intended for us to practice blending colours in our pictures, but I’d picked a picture to copy that was more block colour.  Oh well.

About half-way through I wasn’t happy with the result.  Will came to check on me, and pointed out problems with the proportions of the woman’s body and head.  I was all for giving up and starting again on another picture, but Will convinced me that recovering from mistakes is a very important skill to learn, so set me the task of painting over most of her body to bring it back into proportion.

I’m glad I did accept the challenge, although I’m still not happy with the result – there are still remnants of the old image showing through, and the arms are now considerable out of proportion.  I guess if I’d had more time I could have fixed those issues too.  That’s the slight drawback with the lessons at the moment, after the demonstrations you’re left with about 1 hour 15 min to paint/draw.

Next term might be better, as once I’m not following the beginners’ curriculum, I can spend more than one week on a painting if I want to.

Here’s the final painting:

and in comparison to the original:

Finally, an example of what can be achieved after doing the class for more than one term: one of my fellow classmates spent two weeks doing this:

Great inspiration for the future!