Art class – week 1

I have joined an art class :-)

I always used to enjoy art at secondary school, and was intending to do art at O-level.  However I was enjoying my design classes more, and had to choose between them.  Design won.

For a while I’ve wanted to do something more creative.  I do feel that software creation is a creative endeavour, but I wanted to use my hands, and unleash something from my subconscious.

The final trigger was employing an artist to design the graphics for my latest game. He seemed to have the best job. I was stuck doing the coding and I wanted his job.

Maybe I’ll get good enough to do the graphics on my own game, maybe not. But hopefully I’ll have fun :-)

I’m attending classes with Will Stevens from

The first week we copied an existing drawing using the ‘grid’ method – placing a grid over the existing drawing and then copying one square at a time.

I’m pretty pleased with the result:

Here it is alongside the original: