Art class – week 12

This week was watercolours.  I’ve done Will’s class before, so I skipped the watercolour exercises and went straight onto a ‘wet on wet’ portrait (over a charcoal sketch):

Not perfect, but so much better than my last attempt of this technique!

This was what I was working from:

I still had a few minutes left at the end, and asked Will if I should do some more on it, or start something new.  He was happy with what I’d done, so suggested I try something else.

In the end I only had about 15 minutes, so didn’t get a chance to add watercolour to this, so it stands as a quick charcoal sketch, and is none the worse for being that:

It’s presumably some pop star.  If I was young and hip I’d probably know who it was.  Sadly I’m neither.