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RetroMatic 2000 update 21: fixing and debugging

After drawing a (dotted) line under my entry for the Retro Challenge, I took a week off from the project to have a rest.

For the Challenge I was able to demonstrate pretty much everything, but it wasn’t very reliable, and bits were breaking and being repaired in between shots of my wrap-up video!

So time to revisit it, and get it up to scratch to be a usable product.

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RetroMatic 2000 update 15: sound effects

It’s time to return to my Gotek USB floppy disk emulator, and see if I can add some authentic-sounding sound effects.

I’ve previously written about my plans to interface to the Gotek hardware. In that post I linked to solutions other people have already used for sound effects.

They generally involve a pure hardware solution that generates a ‘click’ on a speaker every time the drive receives a ‘head step’ signal (to simulate the sound of the stepper motor). But that means the sound effect happens if any drive attached to that cable is active, not just the Gotek drive.

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